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WE develop brilliant solutions

We develop solutions for the future of mobility!

Irrespective of the area of business or niche in which our customers may operate: we are committed to ultimate quality in all of our products and corporate procedures. Our portfolio of solutions includes valves for different fluids in low-pressure and high-pressure applications as well as compressors for pneumatic applications. 

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WE OFFER High quality products

We care Quality Management

Ventrex Quality process

We supply solutions that satisfy the highest standards of quality.

All of our work focuses on achieving optimum quality with our products and processes - while of course also satisfying the requirements of our customers. Quality and environmental protection are two of our fundamental tenets, and a central feature of the action we take.

Our management systems are certified in accordance with:

≫ IATF 16949 including customer-specific requirements
≫ ISO14001

≫ Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange

Scope ID: S3K16K


Our automotive products are certified in accordance with:

≫ ECE R110
≫ ISO15500

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