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Challenge accepted.
We have our own way of finding solutions.

We are committed to technical empathy. That means: We take the time to listen to others. We understand the needs of our customers, and we adapt our solutions to suit them. Every company is unique, which is why we set out to find a bespoke solution to every challenge.


We do more than simply fulfill requirements. Our goal is to exceed expectations. We wish to reduce complexity, to make problems disappear and to engender enthusiasm. To achieve this, we work based on a very specific process that involves placing your challenge centre stage.

Ventrex Prozess grafisch dargestellt

We made it CASE STUDY

Electronic pressure regulator
for fuel tank pressurisation
in a Moon Lander

VENTREX has used its 10+ years of experience in automotive series production to develop a pressure regulator for tank pressurization of a lunar module.

In every new project, we take the time to listen carefully and to devise customer-specific solutions. We want to develop valve technology solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers. At the development stage, we focus on reducing the complexity of the complete system to alleviate the problems faced by our customers. The goal is to design solutions that make complete systems more efficient.

We solve 4 Steps to success

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1. Analysis

The basis for every successful project is provided by an accurate analysis of the existing situation together with our customer. This is always the central question in this context:


What is the problem that VENTREX can solve for you?


That answer cannot ever just be a one-sided proposition. A comprehensive understanding of requirements is needed in order to provide you at the end of the process with a comprehensive concept that provides a solution.


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2. Evaluation

Once we have analysed the requirements, we proceed to the evaluation stage, then to find an answer to this question:


How can we best find a solution to this challenge, in the best interests of our customers?


Our team evaluates this in commercial and technical terms, then goes on to devise a fully comprehensive concept that provides a solution. A close process of consultation with the customer ensures that an optimum approach to a solution can emerge, one that satisfies the requirements of the customer and that paves the way to the start of the project.

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3. Project Start

Immediately after the evaluation stage, to enable us to define the project precisely, we ask ourselves this question:  


Are all technological, commercial, and strategic aspects satisfied?


If we can answer 'Yes' to this question, on our behalf and on that of our customer, then we view the project as having been defined. At that point, nothing stands in the way of starting the project together.


Mitarbeiter bei der Arbeit im Think Tank

4. Implementation

We are then in a position to map out the entire value-creation process. From in-house development to production and out to global distribution of work in our supply chain - our process has proven to work for more than 20 years.


We succeed by liaising closely with our customers.


Throughout all phases of a project, we provide responsive project management & product development, rapid prototyping, in-house construction of test benches and - first and foremost - enthusiasm for the topic we are focused on at the time. We engage in continuous dialogue with each customer to ensure that we are paying attention to all requirements. We speak the language of our customers. And we enjoy going the extra mile to develop business-critical technologies that deliver added value to our customers.


We care VENTREX Responsibility

We are committed to acting responsibly in all areas


To maintain confidence within our business, we are committed to proactive relationships founded upon information and communication. We view the strengthening of awareness for quality, the environment, data protection and health & safety at work as a fundamental duty of management.


At VENTREX, we work following clear principles to satisfy zero-defect stipulations. We believe firmly in providing solutions based on state-of-the-art technology that is implemented to ultimate standards of quality.


We take the protection of information very seriously - in respect of internal and external data, values and systems.


The prevention of environmental pollution is a central building block in our actions. We pay particular attention to the conservation of resources and the minimisation of threats to our environment.


Continuous improvement is the force that drives our competitiveness and is the key to our sustained success.


We wish not only to satisfy customer requirements but instead to exceed them. Many forms of certification guarantee optimum quality for our management systems (IATF 16949, ISO14001) and products (ECE R110, ANSI AGA NGV3.1, ISO15500).


Do you have any questions about our products? We look forward to talking to you.

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