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WE learn by embracing new technologies

We aim to keep on improving -
every single working day.

From Graz into the world: as a leading strategic partner of the automotive industry, we now have a truly global presence. Our products can be found right around the world in motor vehicles and agricultural equipment. VENTREX innovations make vehicles safer, more efficient, more comfortable, while also reducing their environmental impact. 






Innovationsthemen bei Ventrex

WE understand Think Tank

Ventrex Teambesprechung mit Druckregler

Development loft, test bench
and prototype manufacturing
under a single roof

We are committed to an agile and customer-centric approach to development. That means: we would like to reduce the complexity of the entire system. This means that we relieve our customers of problems and design efficient entire systems. This calls for close consultation with our customers - throughout all stages of a project. Our R&D Loft gives us the ability to bring together customers and our cross-functional teams to implement added-value solutions efficiently and quickly.

However, the agile development of solutions also calls for in-house encounter spaces to facilitate effective communication quickly and pragmatically. Close cooperation and short distances between (prototype) production, testing ground and R&D are how we go about saving time and money. This enables us to turn demonstration samples into prototypes within just a few hours that we then go on to evaluate in our in-house test laboratory.

We produce Starting with ideas

Production &
prototype manufacturing

We can look back on 20 years of experience in the realization of automotive products. Our technical expertise covers the entire value creation process, from the idea to series production. We are constantly working on implementing ideas
as quickly as possible while maintaining high quality in products and operations.

Our production covers 6300m2 and consists of an in-house mechanical manufacturing, highly automated assembly lines, and a cleanroom assembly. We invest in this workplace: in new forms of cooperation
and communication, production technologies, and modern machinery. And of course in the know-how of our employees.
Because only the mastery of production techniques and rapid prototyping as well as experience in series production
ensure an economical production of solutions.

High quality is essential: All our products undergo a 100% end-of-line test.